Kagurazaka Kurosu


Japanese cuisine
loves by the world

Hyogo Yokocho, a narrow back alley with a stone paver.
Kagurazaka Kurosu is at the far end of the allery.
We are in the renovated 50-year-old traditional house with a black wall.
Please spend a moment of pleasure with dishes made with carefully selected seasonal ingredients.
We look forward to welcoming you.

The owner, Hiroyuki KUROSU

that combines tradition and innovation

We value authentic Japanese cuisine that combines tradition
with the modern and delicate presentation.
Tablewares are also an important element in composing the
taste of Japanese cuisine.
Please enjoy the pottery and porcelain that the owner
carefully selects from the production places.


Lunch : Plates
from ¥2,500
Lunch : Omakase
from ¥10,000

Dinner : Omakase
from ¥20,000

* Price excludes tax and service charges.
* Menu contents may vary by season and availability.

We offer delicious Japanese Sake
from the collection of madam's selection.


Opening Hours
Lunch : 11:30 a.m - 2:00 p.m.
Dinner : 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
4 Counter Seats (1st Floor)
1 Private Room for maximum 8 (2nd Floor)
No (available metered parking nearby the restaurant)
Credit Cards
Cancellation Policy
Please call us for cancellation or change your reservation
Cancellation fee :
100% on the day of reservation date / 50% 1 day before


4-11 Tsukudochō, Shinjuku, Tokyo 162-0821

Iidabashi Station (Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway)
3 minutes walk from B4a or B4b exits

Photo : Osamu Kurihara


Hiroyuki Kurosu

Born in Niigata, Japan. His father is a sushi chef. Worked at Rihga Royal Hotel and Hyatt Regency. In 2005, he was selected "Chef of the World" as a Japanese cuisine chef by Remy Martin. In 2007, he became the head chef of Japanese cuisine at Hinokizaka, a Japanese restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo and has been awarded one star in the Michelin Guide Tokyo for three years. In January 2012, Kagurazaka Kurosu was opened at the far end of Hyogo Yokocho, a stone-paved street with famous shops.
"Japanese cuisine at Kagurazaka Kurosu will satisfy people from everywhere, and want to be a hideout where guests can spend their precious time in a relaxing atmosphere."


Kurosu's Spécialité "Tai (Sea Bream) Chazuke"
Using the finest wild sea bream

Please enjoy fresh wild sea bream delivered by air from Kyushu Island
with our secret rich and fragrant sesame sauce.

How to Eat
Enjoy the taste of carefully selected wild sea bream and secret sesame sauce three times
1. First of all, the texture of the wild sea bream and the condensed taste of the secret sesame sauce are preserved.
2. Eating with freshly steamed rice.
3. Finally, enjoy a chazuke by a specialized dashi stock from a rich aroma of wild sea bream bones and bonito flakes.

Photo : East Japan Railway Company


Kagurazaka Kuros offers the onboard lunch course at TRAIN SUITE SHIKI-SHIMA's "2-Day/1-Night Trip : Winter / A journey through the Kanto region to visit the grove of a holy shrine and enjoy the scenery along the Pacific coast bathed in the winter sunshine." until March 2023.

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